Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring...Then Comes Summer

I am grateful for winter only because there are fewer baths/showers, less dirt in the house and hair is actually clean of sand.

Ella would like to demonstrate the state of the children every day by 5 o'clock.
Don't try to look innocent Ella.  I know you can't see the dirt on her face but that is because she's already tanning like crazy.  Lucky girls with such lovely, tanned skin.  They better be grateful!

Hands and shirt.  Pictures don't do it justice.  You should see the bath water.  Actually, the bath doesn't actaully get them clean; they have to shower or they're just bathing in their dirt.

FEET!!  What is she, a hobbit???  Her feet are only about 1/2 and inch smaller than mine.  But take a closer look at those dirty feet.



Marie said...

I cannot believe how big she has gotten! Such a sweet girl! And haha about her feet, although 1/2 an inch bigger than yours isn't saying much since you have the tiniest feet of any grown woman. I wonder if she'll end up being tall...

Lawanda said...

LOVE IT!!! I love the dirt!! I love showers for little kids and watching it all drain down the drain. Ahh. It is good.

She does have hobbit feet, doesnt she? Maybe it is just the dirt making them look like it ;)

Joanna said...

Oh no, she has hobbit feet. They are very large compared to her height. I know my feet are small (I wear a 5 in women's and a 3 in children's), but seriously...I had to admit though that the dirt does exacerbate the hobbitness of her feet.

I do wonder if she'll be tall. She's about...maybe a foot shorter than me at the most.

Johanna said...

Love the state of your children at 5 o'clock, because it makes me feel better about mine! I went out to collect Andrew for his nap yesterday and found him covered in sand. He had grabbed a cup and was dumping sand over his entire body, much like he does with bath water in the tub. Messy, but happy - just how children should be!

Meagan said...

I find myself doing two baths a day some days.... but napping in the bed dirty like that just makes me cringe..... I don't want to have to change the sheets all the time! It isn't as bad as it seems though cause bothe girls, and sometime me, all rinse off with the same water.