Friday, July 25, 2008


Today I finally got my wedding ring back. It only took the jeweler 10 weeks to get it done! I am happy with the way it turned out, but I think that some of my excitement over it is tempered by the fact that I am still so very frustrated with this particular jeweler for all they lies and missed deadlines...I am going to just have to get over it. One thing I am very happy about is that I never have to set foot in that store again! Woo-Hoo!

So the following pictures are not that great. I have no idea how to photograph a ring without it being blurry or with way too much flash or with no light at all. I did my best. And the picture of the old ring design is a picture of a picture out of my wedding album. I have the best wedding album in the world, by the way. I don't look at it nearly often enough! ::clears throat:: Okay, back to the subject at hand.

Here is the ring the way Jerry gave it to me 12 years ago:

For all of you who don't have the eyesight of superman, it is a design in which the engagement ring actually sits inside the wedding ring, which surrounds it. Does that make any sense? There has to be a name for that... It had baguette stones in the band and the center brilliant cut stone is surrounded by six smaller stones that go diagonal on either side. Here, I'll let the professionals show you. It looked remarkably similar to this. Except mine had a center stone in it. Anyway, the problem was that the setting did not use quality gold underneath the stones and I am allergic to a few metals. Long story short, I was allergic to my wedding ring. I quit wearing it except for special occasions a couple years ago, and I was tired of not looking married. And I thought, "While I'm having to have a new ring set, I may as well design it to look exactly like I want!" So I had them do this:

Again, bad picture, but now it is two separate bands. The center stone has the six smaller stones on either side - two up next to it and one next to the two on either side, forming a triangle. Does that make any sense at all? I don't feel like I'm explaining well. The wedding band has the baguette diamonds across the top. It is really pretty, and now I can look married again. Which is good, since I look more and more pregnant by the minute.


Joanna said...

Oh my goodness, Johanna it's so beautiful. Very good taste. A lot of wedding rings are very gaudy but that one is very elegant. I can tell I'm pregnant because I'm crying over this silly wedding ring. I'm so happy you got it back and that it's so pretty.

Terry, Ornament of His Grace said...