Monday, July 14, 2008

Wonders Never Cease

On the same day I received two pieces of the adoption puzzle in the mail. Our police clearance reports that came a little over a week ago with errors on them have come again - this time error free! Also in the mail today, we got back Jerry's birth certificate from the Ohio Secretary of State with the letter of certification on it. Now it goes to the Chinese Consulate in New York. When that comes back, it is totally done and ready to be part of the official dossier! I am still waiting on my birth certificate (Illinois is not as efficient as Ohio apparently) and my home study report...nothing from the social worker yet. The good news is that today I wasn't filled with worry over it.

Another good thing - I was super frustrated with a jeweler that I took my wedding ring to so I could have it re-set. I developed an allergy to my ring under the setting since the gold didn't extend to the underside of the diamonds. I took it to the jeweler along with several other rings to melt down to use the gold that would be needed in addition to the gold already in my ring and redesigned the setting to something new - over 8 weeks ago! I was told it would take 4-6 weeks. I called at 5 weeks and was told it would take 2 more. I called at 7 weeks and was told it would be done the following day. I called the following day and was told again that it would be done the following day. I didn't really believe them any longer at that point and waited four additional days before going to the jeweler to get it. It wasn't done. I actually cried. I am chalking that up to pregnancy hormones. They told me they were casting the ring that day and that if I came Monday (today) it would be cast and I could look at it and approve it before they put the stones back in. I told them that was *exactly* what they had told me that week before! At that point, the sales lady got a look of semi-horror on her face and I wondered if they were finally getting my frustration. Anyway, I dragged the kids out this afternoon to go see it, and guess what? It wasn't done. I can tell that at this point you are beginning to wonder where the other good part comes in, aren't you? Here it is. The owner came out to talk to me and told me that they were casting it as we spoke and that it would be done tonight. I told him that I really wished I knew that before I had come out to the store. He must have realized how poor his customer service had been up to that point and told me that he was going to reduce the price because of the time it had taken. I was thrilled. I was thinking $25 or $35. Nope. One. Hundred. Dollars. Thank you very much. Finally some good in a very long, bad saga. I'll let you know tomorrow if it is really done or not. I probably wouldn't bet the farm or anything.


Joanna said...

Holy smokes, that's awesome!!!!!

Joanna said...

I'm anxious to hear if you got your ring back!!

Johanna said...

Yeah...about the ring...not so much. I went this morning like they said and it wasn't done. "Come back this afternoon." they said. Then they called and said it wouldn't be done until tomorrow afternoon, so don't come. I am SOOO not surprised.