Sunday, July 13, 2008

Reorganization Frenzy

In order to make room for our new baby, we are moving the boys out of their room (which will become the nursery) and into a new room which was previously my sewing room, our office space, and a general miscellaneous dumping spot. You know, the junk room. A little while back, I got all of my sewing stuff out of that room and into our old nursery. It felt really good to move it all and reorganize it all, but it didn't really motivate me to tackle the rest of that junk room. Then more recently, Jerry expressed that he would really like it done so that he could get started on the painting since we are not just doing a simple wall color but huge full wall baseballs and what-not. Okay. So I went in to look at what was left and holy cow! There are two closets in there that were jam-packed with stuff and a built in desk with book shelf jam-packed with more stuff. Hmmmm, just where would it all go? We don't have a small house by any means, but somehow, no matter how big a house is, it seems to get filled. So I had to do some reorganization to get it moved. I have to tell you, reorganizing is addictive! I started by making some space in my closet for some things. Then I emptied both our hall closets and condensed the stuff into one closet to open the other one up to add shelves and make it our game storage, photo album storage, office supply/school supply storage, and misc. other stuff. It is a beautiful thing. Then I sorted through all of our books and CD's and pulled out what we could take to Half Price Books to sell and was able to get the books off of the six shelves in the junk room and into other shelves throughout the house. Whew! Are you tired yet? I am. But I'm not done. I also reorganized the cabinets under my china hutch and the deep storage shelves in the boy's bathroom and got bags and bags of stuff to give away. It is so exciting! I still have some drawers in the built in desk from the boys new room to do, then I am on to our bathroom, the kitchen, they playroom, the laundry room (I even bought a new utility shelf to go in there) and finally the boys current room. I am so excited at the purging that is happening that I want to go through every single cabinet, drawer, and shelf in the whole house. All the things that are coming out will be donated to the Wycliffe center which is only a few minutes from our house. They have a boutique that all the Wycliffe missionaries stationed here as well as all those in training or who are students at their linguistics school can shop at and take whatever they need for free. It feels good to get rid of what I no longer need and give it to people who can use it!

I am looking forward to posting pictures of the boys room once it is done. So far, Jerry has scraped off the popcorn ceiling and re-textured the ceiling, removed an old intercom system box and redid the drywall there, removed the old baseboards and added new ones, primed the walls and ceiling, painted the ceiling, painted the doors and baseboards, and painted the walls adding two gigantic baseballs. He still has some baseboard work to do, outlets and light switches to change (we live in an older home so all of them are yellowed beige color), cutting in to do on all the paint, a second coat to do on the main wall color, and he needs to add the red stitching to three of the four spots on the baseballs. He works so hard to make our house nice and updated. He has done all of this and more in almost all of the rooms in our house since we bought it less than four years ago. What a man!

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Joanna said...

Isn't it fabulous to have a handy man? That's so cool.

Me and Liz used to go "shopping" at the boutique since her parents were with Wycliffe BT in Africa and stuff. We got a lot of really crazy clothes there. We looked like bums.

Gosh, you must be having some serious baby fever. I'd love to see the changes!