Friday, July 18, 2008

A Post in Which I Do Not Talk About Adoption

Even though I have only posted about adoption lately, we have actually had a lot of other stuff going on this week. So I thought I'd share. I'll start with last weekend. Because we are redoing the boys room - and by we, I mean Jerry - Jerry hasn't been able to spend as much time as normal just playin with the kids, so we thought we'd do something fun over the weekend. We got tickets to a minor league baseball game, which we thought was appropriate since we are giving the boys a baseball room. They loved it! It was just their speed as far as the size of the stadium and size of the crowd. And it was just our speed as far as the cost of the tickets! Aaron actaully watched a lot of the game and asked a lot of questions. Ethan was just happy to eat peanuts the whole game, which I was responsible for cracking out of their shells the whole game. Even so, it was really fun! The boys are old enough that we even got to stay for all nine innings - and our team, the Grand Prairie Air Hogs won!! Woo-Hoo!

Then each morning this week, Aaron was in a soccer camp. He signed up with a friend of his, which is really good becuase they were each other's courage when it came to going out on the field since they were the smallest two kids there! My friend said she got some really good pictures of the two of them actually playing, which I didn't get, but she will e-mail them to me soon. I got a couple of shots though.

I also made some really yummy dinner rolls. I love making home made rolls with dinner, but I always forget to get them started early enough for them to have enough time to rise properly. But I found a recipe that litterally took 90 minutes from start to finish and was so easy. It actually tasted good, too! I mean, I've had better rolls, but not that were this easy! Here is the recipe. I used the method I always see Alton Brown use for proofing them and it works sooo well!

After I rolled the dough into balls, I put it in the oven with a dish that had boiling water in it. The steam and heat from the water caused the rolls to rise perfectly and kept them moist. I highly recommend this method.

Finally, I went fabric shopping and got the fabrics for the baby's room yesterday. I wanted the quilt to be a really simple design and then choose bold graphic prints to shine instead of intricate cuts of fabric on the quilt. I chose an Amy Butler pattern for the quilt. As it turns out, I also chose Amy Butler fabrics for the crib pieces and the quilts from her Midwest Modern line. My mom went with me to the quilt shop, which was good because it was hard to pick exactly what would go with what. My mom makes the quilt, and has for each one of my kids, and since this baby will be sharing a room with our daughter when she comes, my mom wanted to go ahead and pick out her quilt fabrics too so that they would both look good together. (Did that just break the "not talking about adoption" part of this post?) Here are the fabrics:

For the bumper pads:

For the dust ruffle:

For the curtains (a valance):

An accent fabric to go on all three as a border or for the cording:

His quilt will have all four of these, plus this other one:

Her quilt will have all the same fabrics as his, plus pink, yellow, and orange fabrics that are the same print as his. Together, they all really go well, and I think that the quilt pattern we have lends itself to having vastly different colors thrown together. Here are her fabrics:

I'm really excited to see how it will all come together. As I make the crib set, I'll post pictures - but don't hold your breath - I'm not very fast at these types of projects. Another thing to not hold your breath about is my ring. That's right, I still don't have it. They are supposed to call me today when I can go and look at the ring without the stones to approve it before they set the stones in it. But I've heard that one before...


Johanna said...

Okay, I forgot to put one thing in. Now that you have seen the fabrics, what do you think about the wall color? I am putting in a chair rail, so I could do two different colors or two different shades of the same color. I am leaning toward yellows, since both sets of fabric have the same yellow in them. What do you think?

Joanna said...

Lemme think about the walls a bit. As for the now you should be getting that thing back FOR FREE. Call the Better Business Bureau. This is ridiculous!