Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Other Half

This morning I finished the other bootie that I showed the other day. Now I actually have a pair. I don't think I'll scrap the first one after all, even though it isn't perfect. It is my first time to knit in the round and it will be a great memory of the first. I'll also have something to compare to as I *hopefully* get better!

Here is a picture in process of knitting in the round, followed by the finished pair:


Terry said...


Joanna said...

Cool. Hey, I thought Heidi had a good idea. She said to hang it on your Christmas tree. Add a little red ribbon and it's perfect!! Fabulous idea.

minnesotamom said...

Beautiful! I think things that aren't pristinely perfect are more beautiful (not that you didn't do a good job--I would not even attempt those).