Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Super Sweet and Thoughtful Son

My five-year old has always been sensitive to the feelings of others. He is very thoughtful and generous. Anyway, as I have mentioned here before, I have been without my wedding ring for ten weeks now! I am so discouraged about it and it makes me so frustrated. Anyway, we were at my husband's work this morning to fax some additional documents to the social worker that she needed and whenever we are there, the boys dig through Jerry's desk drawer to find keys, paperclips, and rubber bands to play with. While I was standing at the fax machine waiting to be sure that all 16 pages went through, Aaron came out to me and handed me this beautiful, one-of-a-kind, rubber wedding band. He said I could wear it until I get my other one back! Isn't it gorgeous?

Not only is it creative and actually attractive, doesn't your heart just melt with the sincere thoughtfulness of this gesture?

After we finished at Jerry's work, I called the jeweler since their shop is only a couple blocks away from Jerry's office. No surprise that when they told me yesterday morning that it would be done yesterday afternoon, this morning it still isn't done. They assure me it will be done this afternoon. I have only heard that 14 times so far. Still not holding my breath.


Joanna said...

He did a GREAT job! I think you should keep it for posterity.

Tina said...

can I tell you that when I first read this post I thought you said your HUSBAND gave you the rubber-band wedding ring. I have to say that upon reading it again, it is MUCH sweeter coming from your SON! ha ha