Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Alphabet Books

Mom and I realized recently that Rachel is going to start reading this coming September when we start the next school year. How'd you like my alliteration? Pretty darn good, eh? Anyway, we better get a move on with her letters then. She's slow to admit she's learning. I thought she was color blind for the longest time because she was so slow to learn her colors. She's just now really getting a good grasp on them. I think she knew the colors, but liked the attention that NOT knowing got her, so she would pretend she didn't know for a long time. I found this website that has little alphabet books. You color the coloring page and the little "stickers" and then make a book, staple it together and then paste the stickers in the book. I spend the whole time whispering the letter and the sound that it makes in her ear. Then we read a big book after she's done with the alphabet book and she has to find 5 big letters and 5 little letters and for every letter she gets a penny. So at the end of the day she gets her dime and puts it in her piggy bank. Very motivating for Rachel. She likes it because of all the attention she get (poor middle child) and she really enjoys getting the coin and depositing it in the bank.


Molly said...

What a doll!

Those little alphabet books are a cool idea.
And I loved the alliteration. It's the English teacher in me. :)

Did you get my e-mail? Don't want it getting lost in the junk folder!

Johanna said...

The alphabet book is a great idea. Something like that would probably be good for Ethan. I'm pretty sure he knows all his letters - he points out random letters from time to time, but we haven't done anything formal. He's going to start on reading next fall too! Go crazy!

Lawanda said...

Cute book! My second middle (Faithy) is sorta like that. She seemed slow and then she suddenly knew what we were talking about!