Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We're Three for Three

Sometimes it is good to be three for three. As in, "When it comes to getting the winning lottery ticket, I'm three for three!" Now that would be cool - of course you have to play to win...but I digress. I am three for three in something no one wants to be. As in, "When it comes to having my babies get RSV and bronchiolitis, I'm three for three." Ugh. Andrew started wheezing last night, and I just knew. Sure enough, the doctor confirmed it this morning. On the bright side, his ears are no longer infected!


Joanna said...

Uhg. How do you manage that? Praying that he gets better soon. :(

Marie said...

I'd never heard of RSV, so I had to look it up. It sounds awful! And 1 to 2 weeks for recovery. I hope it's closer to 1 week.

Lawanda said...

I hope all your family gets to feeling good soon!!