Friday, February 13, 2009

Fitness Friday - Free For All

This week Brenda didn't give us a specific assignment, which is good, because I haven't done anything specific...I probably wouldn't even post at all, but since I missed posting last week because I was out of town, I didn't want to skip this week too! I am still out here - just not doing anything noteworthy!

The last two weeks we have had illness rotate through all three children and me. Currently, me and my oldest son are sick. That has pretty much ruled out all exercise, and good cooking for that matter! We are on the upswing, though. I haven't gone totally off. I did get a roasted chicken to add protein to salads, and today I am making a nourishing chicken stock with the carcass. One huge change I have made in the midst of this is that I have started asking myself before I eat something, "Is this going to nourish my body?" If the answer is no, I am putting it back and finding something that the answer is yes. This means I am snacking on fruit, veggies, yogurt...and not pop tarts, know, the things my brain thinks I want. Now before you think I've found a cure-all, I just started this yesterday. I'll update you on whether or not it makes a long term difference!


Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

We are dealing with coughs ad cold viruses in our house, too. Throws everything off kilter just a bit, doesn't it?

At least you're still posting for fitness fridays which means you're still in the game.

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Hope you feel better soon.

JulieMom said...

I love the word carcass. It just sounds so appetizing. :0) But it makes awesome stock!

Sorry you're all sick. I know when it goes around our house everyone is tired and the last thing you feel like doing is watching what you eat, if you eat at all.

Get better soon!

Brenda said...

Yes JulieMom...carcass disturbs me.

Sick families throw everything off don't they?

And I LOVE the question you are asking yourself!!! My grandmother always said in her mealtime prayer, "Bless this food to the nourishment of our bodies." That's pretty hard to pray when you are sitting down to junk food!!!
I like that...I'll have to start asking myself that!