Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mine Isn't as Funny

Maybe I did something wrong.

1. Uriah Heep, "My Joanna Needs Tuning" lyrics (I do? I don't know how to sing that's for sure)

2. These "My Joanna Needs Tuning" lyrics are performed by Uriah Heep. (Neat, good for them)

3. "My Joanna Needs Tuning" lyrics, by Uriah Heep (Okay, Okay, sheesh...lessons are expensive though)

4. Copying Danielle and Neal, it's pretty fun to type "Joanna needs" into google and see what comes up. (So I'm told)

5. "My Joanna Needs Tuning" lyrics, by Uriah Heep (FOR THE LOVE OF PETE, I KNOW ALREADY)

6. Uriah Heep - My Joanna Needs Tuning (Who is this Uriah Heep anyway and why does he think I need tuning?)

7. My Joanna needs tuning: Which apparently is a Uriah Heep Song. (I know that already, haven't you heard)

8. Lyrics for "My Joanna Needs Tuning" by Uriah Heep (I did read David Copperfield you know, I know who Uriah Heep is)

9. Uriah Heep - My Joanna Needs Tuning (This is boring)

10. Uriah Heep - "My Joanna Needs Tuning" lyrics (Did you know that "the Joanna" and "the old Joanna" are nicknames given to the piano?)

I had to go to page three to find anything besides the blasted Uriah Heep song. This is what I found.

11. Joanna needs a green and white striped polo shirt. (Hey, I'd go for that as long as you're paying)

12. Joanna needs to go to see her loan manager at her bank. (You don't need to see me; this isn't the Joanna you're looking for (kudos to the reader who identifies that (mis)quote))

I had to go to page four to get anything else beside the blasted Uriah Heep. Thanks Johanna, I now have a complex about my tuning.


Marie said...

That's ridiculous! I actually laughed out loud.

Johanna said...

Wow! It must be quite some song... What's really funny is that I googled yours to see what comes up many, many pages deep to see if it ever gets away from the song. This blog post now shows up on page 4! Sorry yours was so one-sided!

Joanna said...

LOL! That's awesome!

I was being funny when I said it was boring. I thought it was hilarious that the only thing that came up was that song. I was cracking myself up with my commentary, but I think I am way funnier than I actually am.

Joanna said...

Oh my goodness, they added a result on page two and it says "Joanna needs money." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That's hilarious!

Joanna said...

Oh and now I found "Joanna needs a cool head and a steady trigger finger." LOL