Friday, February 20, 2009

Fitness Friday - Time Capsule

Our assignment from Brenda this week was to make a time capsule. This is such a good idea, because real and sustainable health changes can be slow, and this is a great way to see the full impact of the progress that we miss since we see ourselves each day! Here is what I am including in my time capsule:

  • a pair of black stretchy pants (These are the kind of pants that no one ever intends to wear, ever. They are dangerous, too, because I could wear those pants now, or 15 pounds heavier and they would still fit. Not good.)
  • My measurements
  • A picture of my greatest current struggle - chocolate. Don't worry, ladies. It is just the wrapper from the chocolate bar in there. I took it off my son's Valentine's Day chocolate bar, which I have not eaten from at all! Woo Hoo!

  • Exercise goals: I want to be strong enough to jog for 20 minutes without stopping to walk, have definite muscle definition in my arms and legs
  • A current picture of me. (Top quality photo, too. That's right - I'll be forming classes for photography lessons soon! Clear your calendars!)

This was hard for me to put together because it forced me to truly look at where I am now. It was eye opening, but I need that. For more Fitness Friday posts, visit The Family Revised.


Brenda said...

Great job! So true about the stretchy pants. :) Can't wait to see picutres!

Lawanda said...

That's a great idea :) My before and after pics make me feel more motivated even still!!

JulieMom said...

Yes! Stretchy pants are WAY too camouflaging. But they are Oh-So-Comfy! Good for you to put them in the box!

Stacey said...

We should try to run a 5k race together. So much fun and you'll feel so accomplished after you finish it!

Johanna said...

Really like the 5k idea, Stacey! We should really plan for that. We could train together at the gym, too!