Thursday, February 26, 2009


I just finished making a fabulous gift for a wonderful friend who just had a precious baby girl. What? Oh, my...OH, MY! It's been how long? ::sigh:: That's why I am on my hands and knees with my face to the ground pleading, "Please, PLEASE forgive me my neglect, my beloved friend. For I am tired and addled of brain...or something like that, showing that my brain no longer functions as it once did and is all scrambled up." :o)

But look, here's a sneak peak bit of proof:

This picture includes the part from my mom, too. They'll be arriving together - in two to three business days!

I hope you love the gift, even if it is a bit tardy in coming sweet Jo!


Lawanda said...

Aww aren't you a sweetie!

Joanna said...

Oh my goodness! I can't wait. Your mom has written me an email telling me she had asked you to make something for Anna. I still haven't written back to her...I suck.

I tell you Johanna, your work gets better and better and better. It looks so cute!