Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Though Del's Was Hilarious

1. Delmar needs to be voted out of office ASAP. (This is a democracy? Oh, well I don't want to vote in a new husband, I like mine perfectly fine, thankyouverymuch)

2. Delmar needs a new Police Chief. (You said it, get those kids in line)

3. Delmar needs to part their ways with this man. (There's more than one of Del?)

4. Delmar needs to stay, DELMAR! (Yes he does, you tell 'im)

5. Delmar needs to construct a public well that is to be 210’ deep and 12 inches in diameter. (Does it have to be a public well because I would not want strangers coming to get water from my back yard)

6. Delmar needs a home. (Ahhh, he has a home right here)

7. Delmar needs a good old fashioned steak place. (I like Longhorn myself, it's a bit pricey though)

8. Delmar needs a home. (I already told you, he has a home right here, dadburnit)

9. Delmar needs to be closed 9 months to rebuild the bridge. (How are you going to do that? Is it the Bridge to Nowhere?)

10. Delmar needs more art work. (Good, hand over the cash and I will head to the store to pick some up)


Johanna said...

The way some of those sound, Delmar must be a town, not a person! Those are good, though!

Have you ever googled your full name to see if anything actually about you comes up? I have before and didn't get anything, but did it this morning and the "About Us" page on my business website comes up as the second result! How cool is that?

Joanna said...

I did once but I didn't find anything...that's good, I think.

Joanna said...

Oh, and Delmar is DEFINITELY a town, but they're still funny.

Joanna said...

Oh and Delmar is a cat that needs a home.