Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cookies for Cheaters

I think it is way too funny that my first post after my Fitness Friday post in which I admit that my greatest struggle right now is with chocolate is a post about making chocolate cookies! :) But, you know, sometimes you need to make cookies. The day we made these, I actually needed to make cookies. I read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie with my younger son, so we needed to make cookies for school that day. I purposely chose to read that on a Wednesday, too, so that we would make the cookies on the day that we have our church small group over to our house so that they could eat them and expand their hips.

Anyway....I have to give credit for this cookie recipe to my sister-in-law, Stephanie. When I was visiting her in Houston a couple weeks ago, she pulled out a cake mix to make cookies for the ice-cream sandwiches she was letting the kids make. (She's the cool aunt.) Perhaps I've been living under a rock, but I have never seen cookies made with a cake mix before! But it is a great recipe! It is fast, easy, and only has three ingredients. Oh, yeah, it is really tasty, too!

All you need to make these cookies is:
  • one cake mix, any flavor
  • one stick of butter, softened
  • two eggs

Mix all these together, then drop in spoonfuls on a cookie sheet and bake for 10-12 minutes at 350 degrees. That's right, couldn't be easier! That's why I feel like I am cheating when I make these cookies. And just look at the results:

For my cookies, I used a dark chocolate cake mix and then mixed in one bag of Andies Mint chips. My, my, were they good. I was good and only ate two of them, for which my hips thank me!


Joanna said...

WOW!!!! Those look incredibly delicious. I knew I should have bought a cake mix today. I'm going to try that.

Lawanda said...

My mil makes these and she usually puts them together like an oreo, with buttercream icing. The kids LOVE them!! :)

Joanna said...

Oooooh! That's a good idea, too. I don't have a MIL to get good ideas from; I have to steal them from other people's MILs. Thanks Lawanda!

Lawanda said...

haha You're welcome! :) I say "the kids enjoy them" because I am a good girl and never eat them. (ha. ha. ha.)