Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dirt Is Dirty

Did I say the grass would be installed on Saturday? I meant Tuesday. I'll try to not spend this whole post complaining about our sod guy. He doesn't communicate very well though.

The bushes finally came out yesterday. It was very fun to watch them get removed. Mr. Joe (don't know sod man's last name) hired these two high school football players on spring break to come and manhandle the bushes. They did a fine job. They needed a machine for the huge hibiscus and especially the palmetto. Mr. Joe's dad was driving the Bobcat. Those bushes came out of the ground like they were just simple weeds. It was totally fun to watch.
This is the same angle I took the other picture at. It's lovely, ja?
We got to see most of the life cycle of ladybugs. In this picture you can see a larva, two pupas, one empty pupa and one adult ladybug. Homeschool is everywhere. The girls caught several ladybugs in their various stages and kept them in a bug jar.
We finished the front flower beds yesterday also. Many of these plants are still very small. We have a tibouchina there in front of the window, a yesterday, today and tomorrow over by the American flag and a rose bush. Many of the day lilies we planted still don't have blooms on them but the calla lilies are doing well. That's eucalyptus mulch. Apparently termites don't like the stuff.

I can't wait for the grass to go in; the amount of dirt in the house because of all 9 of us tracking it in is crazy.

My life must be dull. The most exciting thing I can think of to talk about is grass. Sigh. Well, at least there was no poo yesterday.


Marie said...

that must feel so good to have that stuff gone! the yard looks so much bigger! are you going to put a fence in?

Joanna said...

We've asked to put a 4 foot fence in to keep the escape artist - and any sisters she'd like to coax into escaping with her - in the yard. The president of the HOA says that he's all for it but the board must approve. Apparently we have two fronts of the house because we're on the corner and you're not allowed to fence the front of the house. There is no language that says we have a front specifically in the covenants but apparently the attorney says that the county says that we have two fronts...which is dumb.

Meagan said...

I can see that cause the street goes by two sides of the house. but at least a four foot fence is harder to get out of then nothing.... and better than a leash or shock colar!

Lawanda said...

It is looking GOOD!! ;) I think a fence would look nice, I hope you can get it!