Tuesday, April 21, 2009

On My Mind

I wear glasses for distance viewing. They bother me to wear all the time so I take them off as soon as I'm done driving, or watching a movie, or whatever it was I was using them for. This presents a problem as I'm one of those people who tend to lose small items like keys, wallets and glasses. They've been missing for over a week now. I am not allowed to drive without them. I need to find them.

Surely you've heard about Stellan. Anyway, yesterday his mom put a post up about people wearing orange to show support/pray for him since today is his ablation/surgery thingie. Well, you know I'm not really into that kind of thing so I wasn't going to do that; I was just going to pray. The odd part was that when I opened my drawer to pull out a T-shirt to wear, this one was sitting on top of the pile. Hey look! My bed is made! Go me. I thought the orange shirt was in the laundry. Weird. So anyway, Stellan is heavy on my heart today. Especially with this cute little pink thing being so near his age. I know that God is in control and his will is perfect for little Stellan. I pray more for peace for his parents to accept God's will.

Everyone should have daylilies in their garden. They are so beautiful and happy.

I found Atlas Shrugged. It was in another backpack I had taken to the air show that day and then it was stuffed into the girls' closet. I thoroughly clean out their closet on Sunday and found the bag then. I'm about three hours into listening to it and all I can say is, "WOW!"


Lawanda said...

You kill me with your skinny.

And she is sooooo sweeeeeet!!!!

Lawanda said...


I will pray for those poor folks.