Monday, April 20, 2009

Garden Woes

Sigh...does anybody know how to stop squirrels from eating your garden? We're in city limits so we can't shoot them (okay, so we don't have a gun either) and it may be difficult to put chicken wire up. Grrr...maybe we can hire a fox or something to patrol our garden.

Here's the lovely garden. Looks nice from here, eh? You can see nice tomatoes and rhubarb, cucumbers, corn, sweet potatoes, onions. Lemon grass. Ahhh, isn't it totally fabulous. What's missing? Well, if you recall I mentioned before that we planted some green and red peppers and green beans. The green beans should be climbing up that thar fence y'all see thar.

See our peppers. First stupid squirrels ate the leaves off, then the flowers off and then nibbled down the stems to what you see here.

After they devoured our peppers they started in on the green beans. Most of the green beans looks like this now. There are only a couple with leaves or flowers on them and I am sure they will be consumed with abandon any second now. In fact, with my super-Spidey hearing, I think I can hear them gnawing at them right now.

The onions and cucumbers are left alone. Maybe the cucumbers make them have gas and the onions give them bad breath.

So far they've left the tomatoes alone except for a few leaves toward the bottom of the plants. I expect them to be next because in all the reading we've done about squirrels in your garden everyone talked about them eating their tomato plants. I'm really upset.

Stupid squirrels


Krystal said...

Gosh, that stinks! Is there such a thing as a "Squirrel Scarecrow?"

Okay, that was a goofy idea, even for me...

(*Looks away in shame*)


Joanna said...