Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Squirrel Saga

See this cute little guy. Isn't he just ssooooooo cute? Sarc off. The girls put some bird seed in one of their toy bowls and our friend Mr. Squirrel was quite appreciative. We've got some Shake Away to scare him off. Hopefull he doesn't like dried fox pee.
I don't like Mr. Squirrel. He eats my plants. Lookie my tomato plant. I can't believe it's still there and he hasn't chowed it down yet.
But lookie my bean plants. I think we've got maybe 1 or 2 dozen grean beans even though Mr. Squirrel has eaten all of the leaves and most of the green beans. Well, gee thanks Mr. Squirrel. You are so kind and generous to leave us some of your loot.


Lawanda said...

Rotten squirrel!! :-p

Johanna said...

My mom is also waging war on squirrels in her yard. They have torn it up! This is all thanks to the "bird" feeder she has hanging. The squirrels won't let the birds have any!

Krystal said...

(*Wags finger*)

Tsk, tsk, tsk. I TOLD you... get the Squirrel Scarecrow!

Ah, the grief people would avoid if they would only heed my sage counsel...



Meagan said...

lol. The Squirel saga continues.

Joanna said...

ROTFLOL. That's funny Krystal. Well, we sort of did get a squirrel scarecrow only it's in the form of dried fox pee. Does that count?