Friday, April 3, 2009

The Final Touches

I think that after all this time we're finally feeling moved in. All that was really left to do was to power wash the house (we'll paint the exterior next year) and sod the yard with zoysia grass. None of this icky St. Augustine (read: weed) stuff that they pass off as grass. Yesterday our house went from looking like this
to this. Isn't it nice?
Yes, those are snowflakes on our windows. They're cute...the kids made some...and GG. It's as close to snow as it gets here.

And today Mr. Joe is coming to take up the old, dead grass weeds. He is also going to remove these awful, hideous bushes. They are horribly infested with aphids. We are actually calling a holiday from school today so that we can watch him take out these bushes.

On to even more exciting news. I got a call from my good friend Marie yesterday. First, she rubbed it in that she was eating Korean for lunch. Not nice. I had a lousy salami sandwich.

Then she made up for it by informing me that she had Atlas Shrugged audio. She's already put it in the mail so I can listen to it while I sew this cute dress (the red one) for Sarah. I'm so excited. Especially after Granny put this post up today about the movie. I'm quite anxious to know the whole story.


Johanna said...

The house looks great! I am jealous of your audio version of Atlas Shurgged. I am not making great progress on mine... Maybe when you're done with it, Marie would let me borrow it, too.

Krystal said...

Good Lord, those bushes look like they're ready to attack someone!

Be gone, evil bushes! You will assault this landscape no more!!!

*Brandishes machete*


Grandma said...

Naw, nobody's ever really settled until they hang pictures.....