Thursday, April 10, 2008

Catching Up

It has been a long time since I really posted anything of value here...Can I pull the, "I have been really busy - feeling overwhelmed, actually - and this new little baby is reeking havoc with my stomach!" card? Will you have sympathy on me then?

So, regardless, I have done a few things lately that are somewhat blogworthy. First of all, I got new spring shoes! That's right, shoes. I loved the ones you posted recently, and mine are the same style. I wear these almost all the time now.

I know some people wouldn't like the second pair because it shows the toe cleavage. I never knew that toes could have "cleavage" per say. It is actually kind of nice to know, because for me, it is the only kind of cleavage I will ever have! I had never thought about this apparently horrifying problem until I shopped for shoes at and read the comments on some of the shoes available. You wouldn't believe how many people are unable to wear a pair of shoes that shows their toe cleavage. Yet, I imagine that these very same people would wear a pair of open sandals...scandalous, isn't it? (Or should I say "sandalous"?)

I also made a baby buggy cake for a joint baby shower for two of my friends who are both in my Sunday School class. They are due just a couple weeks apart, and both are having baby boys. I think the cake turned out well, but I was so disappointed because almost no one showed up to the shower so we had about 4 times as much cake as we needed. I took it to church the next morning to allow the guys in our class to eat some and still most of it was left. We then moved it down to where the youth group meets. They were done and milling around, heading to the service, but some of them ate it and about half of my cake got eaten. The other half got fed to the trash can. How sad. People said it tasted good, but now I am beginning to wonder.

I did make some really cut gifts for these friends, though. And I know they'll get thoroughly used! I went with some onesies and a burp cloth for each. I also made some washcloths for one of them since I had a separate shower to go to for her since she is also in my Bible Study group. I'll post those on Mothers of Invention.

Finally, I broke down and bought one of these:

Yes, I bought a Swiffer Wet Jet. I really cannot believe I did, either, because I have always been fundamentally opposed to paying for something that I have to continue to pay for more and more somethings to continue to use. I think it is a great idea for the manufacturer, but not so great for the consumer. But here's the thing - I am sick of pulling out a disgusting mop that looks like it is full of bacteria to "clean" my floor. Every mop I buy breaks, or gets discontinued right about the time I need a replacement head for it. I know that I could regularly bleach the mop head and all of that, but I am lazy. I thought that especially with children crawling on the floor, it would be nice if it was actually clean. And we have a cat...need I say more? So my mom had already gone to the dark side and bought one of these a while back and last week she brought it over so that I could "just try it out." And what do you know? I really liked it. It is fast, easy, and really gets up stuck on dirt. Not that my floor ever has stuck on dirt, but that is what I have been told. So when I saw a $3 off coupon in the paper this last Sunday, I considered it to be divine revelation that I was supposed to buy it. And :::gasp::: I like it. There, I said it.


Joanna said...

NICE SHOES! totally cute. i really want to get another pair now. except i wear the ones i have so much that they're getting sweaty inside and i don't know how to fix that. do i put in an insert? if so, what kind?

great job on the embroidery. i think your cake is so cool. i would have eaten two pieces, just for you because you're not supposed to upset pregnant women. you could have boxed that up and sent it here and i'd have eaten at least one piece. especially as i haven't eaten lunch yet and i'm starving. i think it looks delicious!

i hear you on the swiffer. i haven't been able to justify buying one for myself because my kitchen floor is, well, bitsy. you've seen it, you know. it sort of irks me to buy something that you have to constantly replace also but you have to pick your battles and i'm not sure that's one i'm willing to battle yet. i'm still trying to battle the diaper thing.

Joanna said...

oh, and any time you want to use the "i'm pregnant" excuse is totally fine with me. go for it!

Lawanda said...

I am rofl about the toe cleavage!! Hahahaha! Very cute shoes. AWESOME cake! You are just so talented.