Monday, April 21, 2008

Kitchen Capers

I love waffles. My family loves waffles, too. We eat them once a week. I have been on the hunt for a whole grain waffle recipe, but am yet to find one that I love. I like ones that have a variety of flours in them as well as oats. I really like oats in my waffles. Yesterday for lunch I tried yet a new recipe. Because I wanted to honor the Passover holiday (read: because I totally messed up), I decided to leave out the leavening. If you have ever wondered just how important baking powder is to a waffle recipe, let me tell you - it is vital. My first two waffles were totally baffling to me! The batter seemed runny and the resulting waffle was so thin and gross looking. I was beginning to wonder if we were going to actually have anything worth eating when I was done!
Fortunately, I was willing to admit that I might have messed up the recipe and looked. Sure enough, I left out the baking powder! Duh! Check out how different they look after I added leavening:
Sadly, after all of that, this recipe is nothing special. The hunt is still on. So if you have a whole grain waffle recipe to share, please do!

My love for loaded baked potatoes continues. I don't know what it is about potatoes, but I just cannot get enough of these things! I even had a potato and salad for lunch today! A while back I made a baked potato soup that was so wonderful I just have to share the recipe. You really have to try this soup!

After a week of being couped up in the house with one kid after another having a stomach virus, we got out to the park today. The kids were so happy to actually be out playing! Check out my super cute monkeys, er, I mean kids:


Joanna said...

that's hilarious. nice waffles. you did see the most delicious waffle recipe ever right?

i'll try that potato soup. it sounds really good. i bet even sarah would dig it.

Johanna said...

What waffle recipe is that? Is that the one you and Del tried and tried to find with the crispy sugar coating? If that's the one, I am afraid Splenda wouldn't do the trick.

Both my kids liked the soup. Aaron insisted he didn't like the soup until he tried it, though! :)

Joanna said...

nope, although that is a delicious waffle. the waffle that i like to make is here. tasty, tasty, tasty! her whole blog is funny.

Joanna said...

and it only calls for 1 tablespoon of sugar. i can think of all sorts of things i'd like to do to this waffle. hmm, i think i'll be making waffles tomorrow morning.

Johanna said...

Ooh, ooh, ooh! That blog is awesome. Why have you not directed me there before? I have no trouble with 1 tbsp of sugar. Basically if I arrange the ingredients by amount - largest first - if sugar falls 5th or lower, I'll eat it. Did you see the recipe for Raspberry Almond Clafoutis? I have absolutely NO clue what a clafoutis is, but boy does it look good!

I'm not sure how that waffle recipe will do with whole grains, but I'll try it as is this weekend, then play with it if I like it.

Joanna said...

no, i didn't see that and i don't know what that is either. but schnikeys it looks delicious, and easy. i think i have blueberrys, maybe i'll make it with those.

Lawanda said...

OMGoodness, they ARE super cute!!!

I love waffles, but I can't make them. No. Sadly, my talent does not extend so far! LOL But I can make awesome pancakes! ;)