Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tooth Envy

I know this sounds weird, but I think Lily is jealous of my teeth. She has spent the last few days screaming bloody murder if I'm not holding her and when I finally relent and pick her up (STOP BOSSING ME AROUND, LILY), the first thing she does is go for my teeth. She puts her hand in my mouth and strokes my teeth and then just rests her tiny little fingers on them. After she has tired of caressing my teeth she will grab my face and try to eat my teeth. You know how babies put everything in their mouths? It's just like that. She wants to see what my teeth feel like.

I'm sorry, Lily, but if you had decided to grow your own teeth by now you wouldn't be jealous of my teeth. I mean, eight months old! All three of your sisters were four months old when they got teeth.

This is so bizarre, I've never seen anything like it. I've tried to thoroughly inspect her mouth and I think I finally see a tooth in there cutting through her gums. This probably explains the mild fever, the running of the nose, the drooling and the screaming.


Lawanda said...

My three oldest girls got teeth anywhere from 6 to 8 months old. My baby - 13 months old!!! First tooth came in and then a month later second tooth came in.

She didn't walk til around then either. Everyone tried to explain the late walking away by saying she let everyone else carry her around. No one tried to explain the late teething.... ;)

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Johanna said...

Aaron and I both didn't cut our first teeth until we were 14 months old! But that fascination with teeth is funny! You have to be sure to write that one down in her baby book.