Sunday, April 27, 2008

Not Your Nature Television

Yesterday we went on a Fabulous Family Adventure. Don't you just love those? We went to the Alafia River State Park and hiked, picnicked and played on their playground, screamed at bugs, bled, threw rocks and sticks and leaves and oohed and aahed at all the wonders of God's great creation.
Having grown up hiking and camping mainly in southwest Colorado and northwest New Mexico the flora and fauna of Florida is so different. I miss the aspen trees and columbines and the smell of pine trees and the rocks you can pick up anywhere and throw in the rivers. It's hard to find rocks in Florida. It's all sand and these teeny little excuses for rocks. Makes gardening easier, but not quite as fun when you're hiking.

One thing that I learned yesterday had something to do with the whole communication issue in regards to Shepherding a Child's Heart. I find myself often being bored or uninterested in what my kids are talking to me about and it's usually because they are retelling me parts of movies they've seen over and over and over again. As I was tucking the kids in last night I stopped and talked to Sarah in depth about her day, asking her what her favorite part was and what her least favorite part was and it was genuinely fun talking to her about our adventures. I am starting to consider the television and it's distractions and divisive qualities as one of the biggest detriments to a good, quality communication relationship with my kids. This is something that God is really convicting me about. I am not convinced that all television time is inherently evil (although I'm willing to discuss the merits of this argument), but I am of the persuasion that our family watches too much T.V.

On a lighter note, someone please tell me what the deal is with this...frog. We thought he was a new frog with his "tadpole" still attached but he's awfully big to be a baby frog, we thought. It's a little creepy.


Grandma said...

What a wonderful day! I'm so glad you guys did this with your family instead of just staying indoors all day! I'm so glad that you have good memories of all the camping we did and you will create great memories for your children. The folks we had over yesterday (radiologist from the hospital and his family) want to learn to camp. So I think when we can, we should plan a camping trip all together and go explore some of Fl's wonderful outdoors! THey don't want to camp in the summer cos it's too hot. Either now or in the fall. Guess it will be in the fall. And eek - gulp - what IS the deal with that frog??????

Johanna said...

I am finally coming out of a nausea induced coma...what fun you guys had! But I have to tell you, that frog gives me the creeps. I cannot tell what is going on with it and it is very unnatural looking.

I am wondering the same things about TV lately. I am not going to ban TV or anything, but it is not good for us. My problem is that I watch way more TV than anyone else in my I have to wean myself off of it before I can even begin to deal with the boys TV watching. They've really pared it down. They watch about an hour a day - a couple years ago it was 3 or so! That's what ppd will do for you!

Joanna said...

Yeah, he's a bit creepy, that frog.

I agree, I really like to let them watch VeggieTales and some movies, but it gets so that they're asking every 90 minutes for another movie today and I give in all too often. Poor girls really want a back yard. They are watching their first TV for today and you know what it is? Jesus. It's an evangelical tape we got from the first church Del and I went to together before we got married.

Joanna said...

Oh, I am so sorry about your nausea. But I just love watching your baby ticker...11 weeks!! Woohoo!

Lawanda said...

What on earth? That is the creepiest frog, ever! Looks like a wonderful family day!

I agree about TV. I like it too much, and so do my kids. And we barely even watch it!!