Sunday, April 6, 2008

Weekend Update

We have an executed contract on the house we're trying to buy; we're just waiting for the bank to approve it. Our realtor and the loan guy are both positive that the bank will just sign the papers and hand over the keys. This is the closest we've ever been to being $250,000 in debt. It's a wee bit scary.

We went to visit my grandma over the weekend. I remember as I was growing up, watching myself get taller than her; at the same time I was getting taller, she was shrinking. I can't wait to be as short and cute and lovable as she is and to be surrounded by my family. We went on a walk and saw two alligators and rescued a huge turtle.
I was thinking about righteousness. When I think about my life I know I've fallen way short of God's expectations. I get nervous about God's judgement; how is that going to go down? Once when I was 13 I asked my (ex)uncle if ,when God was judging me, I'd be embarrassed. He barked basically that I should be more concerned about obeying God than being embarrassed. He was very unsympathetic to a young teen wondering about God. Anyway, sometimes I still think about that. I'm not so worried about being embarrassed as far as what other people will think of me, but what God will think of me. "Not righteous," is what I'm thinking. (This is a lot of thinking, I think.) Anyway, what eases my worry is that God credited Abraham's trust as righteousness (Genesis 15:6). Abraham was not always trusting, or obedient, yet God still called him righteous. This gives me comfort on two levels. 1) God is just and we can trust him to judge us justly, 2) Abraham was just. like. me.


Johanna said...

Wow, my brain is on "fuzzy mode" today and that is all really deep! One thought that does come to mind, though, is that I know for sure that when God looks at me, he sees his son - not my sin and shortcomings. This is so encouraging to me. It is impossible for me to be righteous and holy in all ways, all the time. Only God can do that. Fortunately, he chooses to see me that way, becaue I have his son in me. What an amazing thing, huh?

Johanna said...

Btw, love the new picture in the header! Really nice!

Stacey said...

Right on, Johanna! As Christians, our sins were paid for and flung away as far as the east is from the west, never to be brought up again. Our "judgement" will be for things done FOR the Kingdom; our reward (or lack of!) will be based on what we did for Him...has nothing to do with our sin (b/c He sees none)! PTL!

Joanna said...

sometimes i think i need to do an in depth study on the new testament, because i tend to read the old testament more than the new. when i try to read the bible all the way through, it just makes sense to me to the beginning and of course i get derailed and then stop reading it in the middle of deuteronomy. i read the torah a lot. any suggestions?