Wednesday, February 13, 2008

2nd Grade/Kindergarten

This will probably be the most thought into next year that I've put into it so far. I really like the Story of the World and the plan that Susan Wise-Bauer puts out so, obviously I'm going to stick with that.

I'm getting confused because there are two kids to think about now. This is about when I start needing a little help from people with 8 kids because my brain begins to hurt when I think about formally schooling two kids at different grade levels at the same time. School is compulsory here at 6/1st grade, so Sarah's will not be quite as formal as Ella's is.

- Continue in the Ordianry Parents Guide to Teaching Reading until we're all the way through.
- Perhaps look through What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know and pick out some things to teach her.
- She will continue to do science with Ella
- I'd like to do some handwriting with her. Her basic handwriting skills are awful. Susan Wise Bauer (here forth known as SWB) is coming out with a new book called Writing With Ease: Strong Fundamentals that I'd like to look into. It may be beyond Sarah, as she will only be five.
- I'm going to reread the Kindergarten section in the Well-Trained Mind to see if I'm missing anything...which I'm sure I am.

- We'll start on Vol. 2 of the Story of the World for history, geography, reading, culinary pursuits and all manner of other teachable things.
- She'll do the second part of First Language Lessons
- Mom is making science lessons
- We'll move on to year two for the Right Start math, which incidently I do really like. It's very hands on and Ella is just as good at adding things in her head as I am. I still have a hard time with it because I don't look at it ahead of time; if I would I'd have an easier time. Ella likes it a lot.
- I'd like to begin a language. My first thought is Korean because I already know so much of it but I sort of would like to teach Latin because so much of understanding English is based in how much Latin you know. I think this would be just as interesting for me as it would be good for Ella and I'm more likely to stick with something if I find it enthralling. I have no idea about a Latin curriculum though.
- Mom is making a New Testament curriculum for bible.
- We'll continue with Spelling Workout C and D...I think.

...I'm going to end this here because I just discovered that I have a fever. I have the chills and my throat hurts...big sigh. I will look at your post more thoroughly tomorrow and tell you what I think...hopefully.

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Johanna said...

The people on my homeschool e-mail group seem to predominantly use Latin for Children and Lively Latin. I haven't looked at any of them because we are doing German first and won't even explore Latin until Aaron is in 3rd or 4th grade. Since German isn't a Latin based language (although, neither is English - it is a Germanic languag), but Spanish is, we will do Latin so that when they learn Spanish (as all good Texans do) they will have a base.