Wednesday, February 13, 2008


So, I know that God says in the bible to not be afraid, but sometimes I freak myself out. I was just now making some bread and as I was proofing the yeast, I thought to myself that if the world were to crash I'd want to stock up on yeast but that actually I should probably learn to gather yeast from the air; I've heard that you can do that. Somethimes I just can't believe that all this prosperity is going to last much longer and that somehow I will need survival skills that I don't currently possess and I should brush up on all those skills that frontiersmen and women knew so that my family and I can survive WHEN we lose the internet, cars, electricity, etc. Is that bizarre or what? I have to remind myself that God is in control here and everything that happens is a way to learn about his character and to trust in him more. Anyway, it's a bit more complicated than what I've got written here but my yeast has proofed and I have to go finish making it. I'm just going to make the pita recipe and bake it as a loaf of bread to see what happens.

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Johanna said...

Fear is a horrible thing - and we all fear something, or many somethings! I said a prayer for you when I read this.

I am making bread today, too. I am trying your challah recipe. But my yeast is on the old side and it is taking FOREVER to rise. It isn't totally dead yet, but I think I'll replace it for the next time anyway.