Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I read a blog called Making Home on a regular basis. She has a lot of good insight for being so young (OK, late twenties, but still). She's from Midlothian and currently in Turkey...I can't figure out why and I've read her other blog extensively to figure out why. Anyway, today I was reading some of her favorite posts and she had this one about abortion. She has a link to this article in it and I started reading it while I was eating a piece of cheesecake and now I can't eat it anymore. Ugh.... It's unbelievable that this actually happens in America, although in these times, I'm not sure that I should be surprised.


Johanna said...

I cried when I read the article about the selling of body parts. I knew a lot about abortions and the horror of it all, but I never knew about this. It completely grieves me and I know it must completely grieve God also. It makes me wonder why He allows this to continue.

I cried also because I cannot believe that there are women and doctors who are willing to kill a perfectly healthy baby and for no better reason than profit, convenience, or vanity. I, who would love nothing more than to have another baby, have now lost two. I believe that God is completely sovereign and He opens and closes wombs, so I know that even my losses somehow fit into his plan. However, I wonder why He doesn't just close the wombs of the women who would choose to abort. That is really just rhetorical, because I know He gives us free will and that is why, but in the most naive part of my heart, I wish He would step in on this one.

Joanna said...

i feel you there. it's horrific and i wish God would "fix" it. i had to stop in the middle and go hug all the kids.