Monday, February 4, 2008

I'm not sure what exactly I'm supposed to blog about here. I think that I will transfer all the recipes from the MOI blog to here that way there are handy for us and I will continue to put the new recipes just here. You and I seem to be the only people that appreciate them anyway. Although, sometimes Tina says good things about them...hmmm.

Rachel has a fever of about 101.5 to 103. We took her to the doc and they think she's getting chicken pox even though she's been vaccinated. Kind of makes me wonder why we got her vaccinated. Oh well. Here's a picture of Lily with the pox. I think she's almost done with hers. She's happier today than she was any of the last three days.

I finished Sarah's baby book. I'll take some pictures tonight and post them.


Johanna said...

Poor Lily! I imagine she's been unhappy. And I'm shocked that Rachel could be getting them! Did she have the shot and the booster both yet? You guys will be SICK of chicken pox once there done with your house!

I am so proud of you for finishing Sarah's book. We're both on a roll - I'm finally getting updated web pages posted and you're getting the books done! Go us!

Joanna said...

yeah the doc is shocked too. i don't know though, i haven't seen any blisters. that's one fierce fever though. i was up until 3:30 with crying, whining, screaming children (sarah heard a noise, then wanted to go to the bathroom, rachel's fever raged, lily...i'm still not sure why she was screaming at me). i'm exhausted. before del left for work i said "thanks for all the crying, screaming, whining children." and he said "no problem, there's more where they came from."

isn't that FANTASTIC! i've been checking your website probably once a week for over a year! and now, it's changed! woohoo! i think your project is harder because you have to deal with pesky html. i don't have anything pesky to deal with, except time and you have that to deal with, too. but really, the pages look great.

Johanna said...

Does that mean Del is ready for more??? :)

Joanna said...

well, yes but maybe in another year or so.