Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bobby Flay

So I have had food network on in the background today. I did this yesterday too...out of character for me, but I am making something for dinner tonight that I saw on a show yesterday. Anyway, Bobby Flay's Boy Meets Grill came on. I have never really liked Bobby. He just seems so cocky to me. I think I never really liked him, but my opinion of him dropped really low after he was on Iron Chef and when he won, he hopped on the counter to cheer and happened to hop on the wooden cutting board when he did. He really offended the Japanese chefs because their boards are sacred to them, in a similar way to the way a chef's knives are sacred to them. Then after he was told why he offended them, not only did he not care, at a later date he did it again on a different show just to rub it in. That was it for me. I cannot watch him anymore without thinking of how rude he was.

Speaking of TV, I am so pumped because it is Thursday and Thursday is Lost day. Have you gotten hooked on Lost like me?


Joanna said...

yeah, i don't really care for bobby flay myself.

good lord, LOST??? way too soap opera for me. i do cooking shows, real life forensics...dirty i'm boring, eh? plus, thursday nights is when the first 48 comes on on a&e. i like that show.

Joanna said...

so, i organized the blogs into categories makes me feel better. i didn't want to be presumptious about your 4 measly links so i'll let you organize them where you'd like them, ok?

Johanna said...

Measly???? Just because I am not as addicted to blogs as you are...I have enough of my own addictions!

Joanna said...

tee hee hee :)

Johanna said...

Okay, also about my "soap opera" shows - I do like a good drama. In fact, most of the shows I like are dramas and could be soap opera-y. But I would never dream of watching an actual soap opera. I have considered, many times, fasting from the TV. I do watch a lot of dumb shows, like Survivor, which I did manage to avoid for a season, but the following season I started again. And I have a DVR, so I can have my TV save all my shows and I don't have to watch them when they are actually on. Someday, perhaps, I will stop watching some. The writer's strike actually helped me with that some because there are some shows I was watching that I don't miss.

On a completely unrelated note, we just finished the loaf of challah and I am already trying to plan when I can make some more! It was so good, and I am sure it will be even better with good yeast!

Joanna said...

that's don't have to explain your..."drama" love to me. lol. ok, i'm cracking myself up. i keep trying to think if i actually watch any show like that but you know what i used to like to watch NCIS; it was interesting and there was never any swearing or sex talk. but now almost every episode has some sort of soft porn in it and it's irritating.

i am ssssooooooo glad you liked your challah. i thoroughly believe in that recipe. especially since i made a loaf for the neighbors kiddy corner to us and they said it was absolutely delicious and they must be believed since they are kosher practicing jews. ha ha ha!