Friday, February 15, 2008


I had to share with you the poems that Ella wrote for Del and I for Valentine's day.

For me she wrote:

You are my Valentine

You are my Valentine.
A big heart all full of love.
Big or small,
I'm your Valentine,
Big or small.
Happy St. Valentine's Day!

For Del she wrote:

A Kiss

A kiss for you,
A kiss for love,
I visit love every month.
I give you a kiss every year.
A kiss for the whole Earth.

She said she tried to get them to rhyme but she couldn't think of anything. We didn't help her at all with these poems, she wrote them all by herself.

I was just reading something that SWB wrote about how you shouldn't force a child to write stories before they're in like 2nd grade or something (gosh, I should go back and read that) so that they can learn to narrate, then learn to write and then learn to narrate and write at the same time. She said if they want to just let them but don't force them. I think it's fantastic that Ella likes to write stories. I gave her a Japanese journal and she writes all her poems and stories in it. I asked her permission to share with you. Sometime, I'll post one of the stories she's written.

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Johanna said...

Wow, those are great poems! Aaron likes to write stories too. He usually narrates them to me and I type them out then print it out and he colors a corresponding picture on it. Last week, on of the girls in his Sunday School class had a birthday and he wanted to make her a card. So he colored on two parts of it and asked me to write happy birthday on part of it. THen there was one part left and said he wanted to write her a story. So he narrated a story about a man and a dog to me. It was so cute! He was so sweet and really wanted her to like it. I wish I had thought to write it down. I'll have to find another one he's written and send it to you.