Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day Goodness

Here are the yummies I made for the girls yesterday. The cake is orange cardamom cake and is really delicious! The chocolate cookies can be found here. They have wheat germ and rolled oats in them. I think they're very tasty, but Del doesn't really care for them.

Here are the girls in their aprons. The were a bit distracted by the chocolate but Ella kept saying, "Oh good, now I get to wear my own apron", and they were really happy that Lily has one, too. They really wanted us to put Lily in hers, too but...that's quite impossible.

Also, did I tell you that I passed this huge kidney stone on Wednesday? I was shocked. I made an appointment to see the doc, and she will probably give me a referral to a urologist. Crazy, eh?


Johanna said...

I've never had cardamom. What type of flavor is it?

The girls look great in their aprons, and I am so glad that they like them. I am so excited that the ones I found are so adjustable. It makes them useful for such a long time!

I cannot believe you peed out that stone! I've never seen a kidney stone before. I've never had one either, although I've been told it is sheer torture. Did you fish it out of the toilet?? What can they do about kidney stones? Is there a way to make them not form?

Joanna said...

yeah, i can't believe i peed that out either. i was having a lot of pain in my kidney that morning and then i felt a pop and the pain drained out of my kidney and ureter (left side only). then hours later i peed this out. yes, i fished it out of the toilet. the doctors want to "test" it. as far as i can tell the only thing i can do about it is to drink a lot of water. hopefully a urologist will be able to enlighten me more than that.