Tuesday, February 12, 2008

College Kids Today

I read a blog called Welcome to Granny's House. She has a lot of insight about politics and since she has nine kids, is a believer and homeschools, I feel I can learn a lot from her. She has a daughter who just turned 21 and is in college. She has a blog and I read some of her posts and this one about things she heard in her classes today had me shaking my head in disbelief. There is another one about what her psych professor is teaching in class. I can hardly believe this is real. Having only spent one stupid semester in college 13 years ago, I have no scope for the reality of college students in this time. Did you find college as lame-brained as this?


Johanna said...

Wow, where is she going to college?? As for my college experience, it varied widely. At Mountain View Community College here in Dallas, yes, it was much the same. At Taylor, absolutely not! That school rocks! At UTA, I had a mixed experience. My lower level classes were a bit lame, but once I got into my major's classes, they were comparable to Taylor. I guess that shows that you really do get what you pay for!

Joanna said...

that's where i had my one semester, at mountain view. i can't remember the name of the college she's going to but it's in san antonio. i read del the posts and he was incredulous. did you read the one about "negative zero?" i had no idea people were that dense. makes me feel like a rocket scientist teaching ella!

7hearts said...

hi Joanna!
stacey, here, from the Cheerful Heart blog via Susan Wise Bauer! ;)
I was in Korea 1999-2003, so yes, we were there at the same time! We ran the Cadence Hospitality House at the Hump...did you or your husband ever go? there was one at Osan too, run by David Cordell.
Too cool!
also, can't comment on this post yet, (will read next) but have to add that I'm from the Dallas area too! Grew up in the 'burbs, went to school at Texas Tech. (pretty conservative out there!)
anyhoo, i'm linking y'alls blog at my site! we'll keep in touch! Go Red Raiders! :)

Joanna said...

oh my gosh, i read that you and your husband got married in denton and i said "what a small world" because del and i got married at baruch ha shem messianic congregation in north dallas. it's on beltline road. my friend johanna here, poor girl, has lived in texas all her life but she can never truly be a texan because she wasn't born there. don't you feel bad for her? she lives in desoto. i currently live in florida.

i know i never went to the cadence hospitality house. i have to ask my husband if he ever heard of it or went. thanks for linking to us!