Saturday, February 16, 2008

Where I Homeschool and New Ventures

I guess you already know this but I saw it on A Cheerful Heart and Nerd Family and I thought it was a pretty neat idea so here is where I homeschool. The dining room table. We've done some school on my bed when I was sick and on the couch when Ella was sick and in her top bunk when there was too much chaos in the other parts of the, apartment. I do better with a set spot so we stay there much of the time. For science we often go outside and for history we often go to the kitchen. We like to cook history. The more I do it, the more I love to homeshool. How about you?

On a completely different note, I made Lily my first batch of home made baby food today. I made butternut squash. She chowed down quite heartily. I think I could have gotten about a dozen baby food jars out of the one squash I bought. It was 69 cents a pound and three pounds (you do the math). When I last purchased butternut squash in a baby food jar it cost $1.29...for one jar. Can you believe the savings!!! I found all sorts of instructions here for making your own baby food.


Stacey said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! hope you don't mind me commenting here, since it seems that this blog is just for you and joanna...(?)

love the baby food little one will be big before I know it, and I've always wanted to make my own baby food! great resource.

Joanna said...

the names are a bit confusing, i know. the poster is listed at the bottom of the post. i, joanna, posted this. johanna and i have been friends...all our lives. our parents went to bible school together. anyway, i don't mind you commenting here. we just started this blog this month because we wanted to post about other things in our lives, like homeschooling, that we don't post about on another blog we have with some friends.

isn't the baby food site fabulous!? there are so many things i wish i had done from the very beginning with my kids, like cloth diaper and make my own baby food, but i was too scared or unsure of myself. oh well, you do what you can. i still don't cloth diaper.

Johanna said...

I will have to post where I homeschool too! Although, it won't look too different from yours!

Good job on the baby food!! I bought all of Aaron's, got fed up with the cost and the fact that they put sugar in a lot of baby food, so made all of Ethan's. I got a book called Super Baby Food and it is great! It gives great guidelines on how to pick fruits and veggies that you aren't familiar with. I even made all of his cereal from whole grains I bought at the local health food store. I will never buy jarred baby food again!

Now, the cloth couldn't convince me to do that. I know it would be cheaper and have less of an impact on our landfills and whatnot...but it is just so gross! I admire people who do it, though.

Glad you commented, Stacey! The name thing is confusing, isn't it?? Joanna always claims that my mom stole it from her mom since she was born a whole 2 months before me, but my mom says she had my name picked out long before Joanna's mom! How's that for a generational rivalry?? :)