Friday, February 29, 2008

The Truth About Homemade Rolls

In my post about my yummy BBQ Pork Sandwiches on our other blog, I mentioned that I made my own sandwich rolls. These were super yummy, and looked beautiful:

However, these rolls have a dark side. Check out the nutritional information here. I didn't pay any attention to this at all while making or enjoying eating these rolls, which is weird for me. Then after dinner, Jerry went to my computer to do something, and the recipe was up on my browser. He looked at it and about passed out, which is weird for him! Oh, how I wish we had never noticed and could have just enjoyed these rolls! Of course that would have led to conversations like this:

Jerry: "Hon, have you done something different in the wash? My pants suddenly don't fit!"


Johanna: "These jeans fit yesterday!! What happened?" ::steps on scale:: "Holy schnikes! Our scale is broken!!"

Oh, well. Now I just have to find something to do with the remaining 16 rolls!


Joanna said...

ROFL again!!!!! that's hilarious.

however, johanna, don't you know that that's 14.7 grams of fat for the entire recipe, if you made 15 rolls, that'd be less than one gram of fat per roll. that's 314 calories for the entire recipe, if you made 15 rolls that's less than 21 calories per roll. i think you guys can go ahead and finish the rolls, you'll be fine as long as you either 1)only eat one roll at a meal or 2)eat the entire batch for lunch and then have a nutritious dinner.

ROFL ROFL ROFL. don't worry, i did the exact same thing.

Joanna said...

oh see there, it says that one serving is one roll and the recipe makes 16 rolls. so that's .92 grams of fat per roll and 19.625 calories per roll. no problem, eh?