Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Easy Peasy

So I did something new today. I needed to order two onesies from my clothing supplier and the total cost of the onesies was less than the shipping costs - and the warehouse is in Dallas! So I chose the pick-up option, which is free, and got over my fear that I would make a fool of myself somehow and drove to pick my order up. I found the place with no problem at all, I never made myself seem like I had never done this before and things went just as smoothly as they possibly could. When I got the box and signed on the last dotted line, I went to my car very proud of myself and pleased at how simple it really was and then I said out loud to myself, "Easy peasy!" That's right, the words easy peasy came out of my mouth! I was horrified with myself. I know that I know someone who says it you? For some reason that phrase has always driven me nuts! I think because the longer I am a stay at home mom, the more I totally forget how to talk like an adult! Easy peasy sounds like something right out of JoJo's Circus - which for this blog is somehow fitting, but for my regular vocabulary - it has got to go!!

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Joanna said...

ha ha ha ha! i'm rolling rolling rolling on the floor laughing. i...don't...think it's me that says that, but as i've been at home for nearly seven years my brain is slowly going to mush and i may be blocking out that sort of awful phrase actually coming out of my mouth.