Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Some Flatbread of My Own

So I am always envious of your bread making abilities. I look at the mouth-watering pictures that you put up of your bread and just drool. I tried making bread myself a few years ago and the nerve damage I have in my hands made it too hard to knead the bread by hand and I never was satisfied with the results of kneading it in my machine. Well, I tried your recipe and it turned out really nice. I kneaded it by hand and apparently my hands are more healed now than they were then because I could actually do it! The first night my family ate 6 pieces - which really surprised me. They liked it a lot, but it is not so good a couple of days later...I guess we'll just have to eat more right away the next time!


Joanna said...

WOW! they look fantastic! great job. if you toast them in the toaster a couple of days later they are delicious again.

Joanna said...

i scrolled down and said, 'oh yummy. i'm makin some flatbread today!'